Residency in Spain by home purchase


Buy property for residency in Spain

The  new Spanish law 14/2013 has been published 27 of september and let to get special type of residency for investors.

One these ways is to Residency in Spain by home purchase.

The  law says that the price has to be equal to or more than 500 thousands euro for each applicant. And this amount has to be free of obligation.

Also you can be owner of several houses which give all together this amount.

60 days after getting the certificate of possession of the register if property in Spain you have to apply in Spanish representative consulate office in your country for a visa for investors. It has to be resolved in 10 days and it is valid to live in Spain or travel to Spain for one year.

Besides you must have sufficient means for your stay, criminal records clearance for 5 last years and medical insurance.

Your spouse and minor children can apply with you.

Then in Spain you can apply for a residence card which is has to be resolved in 20 days and is valid for 2 years.  It is renewable.

For this you have to have open visa for investor (or expired in last 90 days) and have been at least once in Spain with this visa.

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