Residence-without-work permit in Spain


Non-working residence permit or Residence-without-work permit in Spain

If you have enterprise in your country or another type of incomes that you can prove your dream to come to live in Spain legally is easy to be come true.

If you wish to live in Spain temporarily without working, you must apply for a residence-without-work permit.

You must have sufficient means for your stay and upkeep, including, where applicable, those of your family, during the period of time you wish to reside in Spain, without the need to work.

The monthly amount for an applicant has to be aprox. €2,130.04 (2012) and then for each relative – €532.51 (2012).

Also you have to demonstrate your criminal records clearance in Spain and in other countries of residence in the five years before the application.

Besides, it is necessary to have medical and life insurance.

We are lawyers in Madrid, help you to provide all the documentation to The Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of residence if it is the first permit.

If you need a renewal, so we make all the process here in Spain.

Also we work in complete reunification with your family.

We work in English!

There is no need to speak Spanish for deal with us.

Best regards, Law Company Tramitex, Madrid.