Residence in Spain for EU citizens


Residence in Spain for EU citizens and family members

If the European Union Citizen Move to Spain you have to proceed your residence here. Any EU citizen intending to stay in Spain for more than three months is obliged to get A Registration Certificate as an EU Resident. This document certifies residence in Spain and includes the holders name, address, nationality, and foreigners tax identification number along with the date of registration.  This certificate will remain valid for no longer than five years, at which point it must be renewed.

The rights of the EU citizen are extended to their family members (irrespective of nationality). This includes the spouse by marriage, a partner by civil partnership (or marriage equivalent), dependent children under 21 and dependent grown children and parents. Application should be made for a Residency Card for EU Citizen Family at the Foreigner’s Office or local police station in the province of intended residence. There are some rules and details to resolve the situation of family positively coz from 2012 you have to proof your economic situation.

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