Non lucrative residence in Spain


As we said before if you have your own incomes in your country you can move to Spain.

In this case you will need to apply to Non lucrative residence in Spain.


For this we will need to get these documents:


  1. application forms and fees
  2. photo (white background)
  3. Original Passport valid for a minimum of one year and at least two empty pages.
  4. A police record of las 5 years.

It must be obtained (criminal background check) from all non EU countries where you have lived in the past five years for more than 6 months, legalized by the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in the respective countries.

  1. Medical certifícate. It has special form, we will consult you when you are in the process.
  2. Proof of sufficient financial resources: Bank statements of the last year, investments, annuities and any other source of income totaling a minimum of € 2.130 euros/month.

Add € 532 euros/month per spouse and per each child.

7. Proof of accommodation.

8. Proof of health insurance with full coverage in Spain and necessarily including Repatriation Coverage.

We can help to prepare all the documents and make it in the way that you can have maximum of possibilities to get the  Non lucrative residence in Spain. You can write us at [email protected]