Business in Spain


Business in Spain

Due to the fact that the economic situation in Spain is getting better, it is advisable to open a business in Spain now, because if the logical consequences of the crisis there is cheap labor, rent, and other elements of the market. Over the past two years on the stock exchange price of shares of Spanish companies has doubled. At the moment, to open a business in Spain – it is possible for foreigners. Now, when the rent is cheap, labor is cheap – it’s a huge opportunity to invest its economic resources in the economy of Spain, for a few years, Spain will start economic growth.

The Spanish government assistance to entrepreneurs in starting a business in Spain, which is clearly seen in the two Spanish law – the law of the laws of entrepreneurs, who says that foreigners given residence permits by investing money in the Spanish economy; and a new tax reform, on which the company will pay a small tax.

What is expressed in this policy? Firstly, on general terms for foreigners and Spanish citizens, for example, a new law on benefits for the payment of social insurance for new entrepreneurs (no age limit), and the law on the conclusion of the employer benefits of new permanent contracts.

In connection with the last paragraph show an example, if five years ago, the average salary of a waiter was 1,200-1,500 euros, plus payments for the employee at least 400 euros, a worker costing the company in 1500-2000 euros. Currently, the average salary of an employee of the same can be 1,000 euros, and if the employer enjoys the privilege to a permanent contract (tariff of 100 euros in the case of full-time), such an employee will cost him 1,100 euros.

There are also various programs to support entrepreneurship, which implement the regions, for example, the municipality of Madrid has handed over 400 facilities for new entrepreneurs at a discounted price.

In addition to these facts we should remember the law, adopted in late 2013 on special favorable terms for obtaining residence permits for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Thus in this case, the foreigner gets a completely different treatment than economic migrants, as in the case of foreigners who wish to obtain a residence permit through the opening of business, their applications will be engaged in a special «divisions of large enterprises» (the only competent authority), who previously held Only multinational or large Spanish companies.

Consideration of applications for similar types of residence permit is much faster than any other residence permit. Thus the main difference lies in the fact that even in the case of the primary residence of the n type can be obtained directly from Madrid, is in Spain on a tourist Schengen visa.

The right to obtain a residence permit entrepreneurs also applies to the spouse / spouse and minor children shall be issued and, unlike steel initial residence permits in Spain by 2 years. Another important difference is the exception to the rule on the minimum residence time in the country (at least 183 days, for example, in the case of a residence permit without a job). In the case of the residence permit at the opening of business to its extension do not need to perform any conditions of temporary residence in the country.

If we talk about the difficulties of obtaining a residence permit for starting a business can be called the condition of having a positive opinion of the Ministry of Commerce of the business project, it needs to properly develop a business plan and provide proof of sufficient funds to invest in the planned business. In assessing the project business it is also important the fact of creation of new jobs.

While not intending to obtain a residence permit in Spain, any foreigner can open a business on equal terms with the citizens of Spain, but in this case, will not work and will need to obtain a visa to enter Spain.